About us

Located in the middle of financial operators, TRANSFOND developed and manages a robust and safe inter-banking transactions processing system – the Automated Clearing House. TRANSFOND holds a major confidence capital in the successful management of a high number of payments projects within the banking financial community. The projects completed so far have proved company’s ability to coordinate large scale actions, with a lot of stakeholders, whose interests are different depending on types of the services provided, with various speeds and work methodologies, with heterogenous infrastructures. The results obtained at the community level, the economies generated after the projects have fully justified the efforts made.

The transfers processed via Instant payments (component of the Automated Clearing House) are thus carried out with the TRANSFOND warranty, grounding on more than 15 years of experience in building and operating critical systems connected to inter-banking payment processing in Romania.

Since go-live and up to the present moment, the Automated Clearing House has functioned exemplarily, at maximum availability and safety parameters. At this moment, TRANSFOND’s strategic development objective is to consolidate and diversify its own business profile, specific to a financial services infrastructure supplier, with highlighted IT&C profile. In addition to continuous modernisation of the Automated Clearing House and the implementation of European standards in the field, TRANSFOND continues to develop services intended for the financial-banking community, by launching new business lines focused on streamlining and diversifying the activity of the company’s clients. By launching e-Arhiv@ in 2009, TRANSFOND has become the first certified provider of electronic documents archiving services, in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 135/2007 on archiving of electronic documents. In 2010, TRANSFOND added the electronic invoicing service (e-Factur@), intended for the invoice issuing entities and their recipients, to its range of services. The shareholders of TRANSFOND are represented by the National Bank of Romania and the main commercial banks.

Therefore, we are certain that the money is safely transferred from one account to another, in different banks.